BBC’s “Fast Track” Interviews T-ara’s Hyomin

2011-10-25 06:33:11 2011-10-24 23:33:11

T-ara’s Hyomin got interviewed by BBC’s “Fast Track.” T-ara talked about filming the historical drama “Gye Baek” and also what she thought about Hallyu.

The show “Fast Track” is a news program that has information about travelling around the world. The subject for the episode with T-ara was about South Korea. The “Fast Track” team went to visit the filming set for MBC’s “Gye Baek” on October 23.

After the interview Hyomin stated, “I had a chance to actually feel how strong Hallyu is right now, I will try my best so that the winds of Hallyu continue on.”

She also wrote on October 25 through her twitter, “I had an interview with England’s BBC. I really wanted to do well so I was very nervous. I used my armor as a buttress and barely survived through the interview.” She also posted a picture to accompany her post.

Currently T-ara is planning to comeback in November.