Big Bang’s Daesung to Return to Television Through “What’s Up"

2011-10-25 03:25:38 2011-10-24 20:25:39

Big Bang member Daesung will be returning to television through “What’s Up,” a drama that is planned to air from December on MBN.

Filming for “What’s Up” was completed in February. Technically because filming was already finished back then, it does not mean Daesung is making a comeback. However, it is gathering attention because Daesung has not appeared on television for a long time.

The story of “What’s Up,” written by screenwriter Song Jina who also wrote “Hourglass” and “Pupils of the Dawn,” revolves around the stories of several university students in their 20’s who are majoring in Musicals and express their dreams, passions, and love as unique individuals. “What’s Up” is a musical drama starring not only Daesung, but also actors Oh Man Suk and Im Joo Hwan among others.

Daesung will also be making a comeback on the stage with his fellow Big Bang members on December 3, and 4 during the YG Family Concert.

Here’s a trailer: