G.NA and Actress/Model Arden Cho Leave Words of Encouragement in Special Video

2011-10-25 07:21:19 2011-10-25 00:21:20

G.NA and actress/model Arden Cho posted a special video with words of encouragement for all aspiring celebrities around the world. In the video, the two girls appear to be quite close friends as they talk about how much fun they had in LA during G.NA’s brief trip. But most importantly, G.NA wanted to relay this message to all the fans who wants to become a K-Pop celebrity like her. She said:

“To all the people who have a really big dream, like us, I just want you guys to know that one day if you keep on trying and trying, there’s no way that you won’t succeed—just got to keep your head up high and no matter how many times you fall down you just get back right up like there was nothing wrong. You just keep going at it, okay guys? I mean I’ve gone through the same thing, and trust me, it’s worth it at the end. Keep your head up high and follow your heart.”

You’ve got to have both the looks and the brains, like these two incredibly hot girls, to succeed in the business, but it seems like more than anything, it’s your heart and passion that will lead you to success! See the full video below: