Lee Hyori’s Picture Misused for Sony Ad

2011-10-25 18:52:07 2011-10-25 11:52:08

Lee Hyori’s picture has been misused for an advertisement in China.

On a recent post in an Internet forum site, someone took a picture of Sony laptop advertisment in a shopping center in China. In the ad, Lee Hyori is holding a pink Sony laptop. However, anyone could easily recognize that the picture of Lee Hyori is actually from a famous alcohol brand advertisement in Korea. The advertisement has been photoshopped– the original alcohol bottle has been replaced with a pink laptop. Lee Hyori has never modelled for Sony laptops in China before. 

Misusing Korean celebrities pictures for advertisements in China is a fairly frequent happening. However, it is quite shocking that a global brand such as Sony would misuse a picture like this. 

Last year, pictures of many other top Korean stars such as Lee Hyori, Han Ye Seul, Kim Jung Eun, Choi Jung Won, Lee Tae Ran and others, appeared on a breast enhancement advertisement and became quite an issue. Recently, Kim Tae Hee and Lee Da Hae appeared on an escort service site in London.

Sources from Lee Hyori’s management say, “There are many countries along witih China that break the copyright laws and misuse photos like this. However, there are many phantom companies in China so unfortunately, it’s not easy to take legal actions against them.”