Rain’s Hand-Written Letter to Fans

2011-10-25 12:21:51 2011-10-25 05:21:51

Besides Rain’s letter to his little sister, another hand-written letter has been revealed. The military revealed the hand-written letter by Rain on October 24.

It reads, “I am reading your letters well. Receiving letters here is giving me a lot of strength. I am having a good time with my fellow comrades. I am actually thankful for the things I haven’t had the chance to experience outside of the military. I am from 7 to 11 years older than most individuals here in the service and I have become something of a professional counselor.”

Rain ended the letter with, “I am getting along well with my division. At times I am lonely, tired, cold, and hungry but I become happy through the little things. I am reading all of the letters that I receive so do not worry about that. My handwriting is awful.”

Currently Rain is undergoing training at Division 5 (located in Gyeonggi Province) as a trainee soldier.