T.O.P Releases “Brooklyn Boy” Teaser Video for Calvin Klein Jeans

2011-10-25 11:21:30 2011-10-25 04:21:30

T.O.P has just released the teaser video titled “Brooklyn Boy” for the Calvin Klein Jeans promotions. Filmed in Brooklyn, New York City, the 19-second video features T.O.P’s deep voice and charismatic expression. In the video, T.O.P puts his poetic feelings into narration, as he says, “I like the wind…I like it free as the wind. Wind…I am present in the midst of the wind.”

The full version of T.O.P’s “Brooklyn Boy” video will be released on October 27 through Pandora TV. Additional photos of the promotion will also be released through the First Look magazine. Stay tuned for more updates!