CN Blue’s "In My Head" Ranks Fourth on Oricon Weekly Chart

2011-10-26 04:10:43 2011-10-25 21:10:43

Ater coming in at third place on the Oricon daily chart with their debut Japanese single, “In My Head,” CN Blue is already taking Japan by storm with their debut, as they’ve returned by placing fourth on the Oricon weekly chart!

The album was released on October 19, and according to results released by the Oricon chart on the 26, the band has managed to sell about 71,200 copies of their album so far. In comparison to other fellow Japanese advancements, the number is on the higher end of the scale, proving that the boys are climbing their way up.

On their first daily, they had sold 34,280 copies, putting them shoulder to shoulder with big names like NMB48, Bump of Chicken, and Kara. Considering their Oricon achievement came just after captivating 7,000 fans at their guerilla concert on top of gathering 14,000 people for their album release event, the achievement is all that much sweeter.

“We were surprised to see the Oricon weekly chart. We were up against a lot of popular artists so we were nervous with our album release. Now, we’re just really thankful for our fans. We’re going to work hard to present more good music in the future,” the members gratefully said.

Congratulations, boys!