HyunA’s Selca with Colored Contacts

2011-10-26 21:21:52 2011-10-26 14:21:52

4minute’s HyunA has once again gathered much attention through one of her selcas. This time, she is wearing colored contacts. 

On October 23, HyunA posted a message on Twitter, titled, “The Art of Disguise” along with many pictures. Following that, she posted,”Much thanks to my make-up artist who suffers every single day to make this ugly girl pretty.”

In the pictures, HyunA makes cute poses along with her colored contacts, which gave a whole new feeling to her look. There was glittery makeup underneath her two eyes and in one of the pictures, she seems to be pointing at it, to show it off.

Netizens who saw these pictures commented, “HyunA, colored contacts look really good on you. It’s like a duo of sexiness and cuteness,” “Ugly girl? Where did you get that from?” “HyunA, don’t put on colored contacts often, I worry,” and many others. 

In other news, 4minute along with BEAST, G.NA and other labelmates will perform at the “United Cube Concert” in London, England on December 6.