Lee Seung Ki: "Kang Ho Dong’s Empty Spot Will Never Be Replaced"

2011-10-26 15:11:51 2011-10-26 08:11:51

Lee Seung Ki finally opened up about Kang Ho Dong who has retired from TV. During the press release for Lee Seung Ki’s 5th album he was asked the question, “What do you think about people saying that you have filled in Kang Ho Dong’s empty spot well?”

Lee Seung Ki replied, “Kang Ho Dong will never be replaced. I don’t even try to fill in his empty seat. While doing variety shows with Kang Ho Dong, I always thought to myself that I had met a great senior. Looking over his shoulder I learned a lot, and throughout the years I learned the variety show mindset. Instead of focusing on trying to fill in his shoes, I am going to focus on trying to do variety shows with my own style.”

Lee Seung Ki’s 5th album will be released on October 27. The album name is “Tonight” and it contains songs such as, “We Are friends,” “Dating Generation,” “It Is You,” and 7 other songs.