Big Bang T.O.P.’s New York Photo Shoot for "First Look"

2011-10-27 03:40:10 2011-10-26 20:40:11

Big Bang‘s T.O.P. has transformed into a New Yorker.

T.O.P. has recently shot a photo shoot for fashion magazine, “First Look” in New York. The photo shoot focused on a rebel image through the singer’s fierce expression and chic apparel.

The fall apparel consisted of different types of outerwear and jackets such as a military jacket. The overall design was set on a top that had volume and a bottom that was slim. T.O.P.’s balanced body figure was nicely portrayed along with the cross bag and sneaker accessories.

T.O.P.’s expression was masculine and fierce with his usual unique eye gaze. His pose was natural as he casually walked around the streets of New York. It is an extension of the “Brooklyn Boy” teaser video he released earlier this week.

In the meanwhile, T.O.P. will attend the YG Family Concert in December.