MBLAQ’s G.O. Shows Off His Dandy Charm Through Selca

2011-10-28 01:14:32 2011-10-27 18:14:33

MBLAQ member, G.O., revealed a selca picture that showed off his dandy charm.

The picture that G.O. uploaded on his Twitter has been garnering attention from netizens and fans alike.

He posted the photo with the caption: “It has been a while since I took a selca! Did everyone eat?”

In the photo G.O. is wearing a black shirt and sitting on the floor. The idol singer has been attracting interest for showing off his dandy charms instead of his usual signature masculine charms.

Netizens who had had viewed the picture responded with diverse reactions: “A real dandy boy”, “It really does seem like he did not take a selca for a while!”, “I still have not ate because I am still at work. I am hungry so I am going to eat bread”, “The dandy image suits you the best!”