Shin Se Kyung Shows Off Her Beauty in a Close-up Selca

2011-10-28 18:19:54 2011-10-28 11:19:54

Actress Shin Se Kyung recently showed her charms through a close-up selca on her me2day. 

The photo came with her comment, “It’s becoming colder. Watch out for colds! ‘Deep-Rooted Tree’ is airing today.”

In the photo she uploaded, she is wearing a gown and is waiting for her hair and make-up to be completed. She shows big and charming eyes, as well as a high and sharp nose line. She is also showing off her crystal-clear, pure skin tone and condition. Despite being a close-up photo, she still radiated her beauty.

Netizens who have seen this photo have said, “This photo isn’t a humiliating photo of her, even though it’s a close-up,” “Just by looking at her, she has fluttered my heart,” “This is a selca, right? It looks like a pictorial from a magazine,” and “She has become prettier lately! She is so beautiful!”