JYJ Junsu’s “Angel Xiah” Returns

2011-10-29 21:53:03 2011-10-29 14:53:03

Fans of JYJ’s Junsu will know the affectionate nickname of “Angel Xiah” that the singer is often associated with because of his trademark pose. The nickname describes a pose in which Junsu cups or rests his face on his hands with a bright smile. Fans, finding the pose adorable and sweet, named it “Angel Xiah.”

Junsu has often been caught in this pose throughout his career but less often now that he is older. But on October 29, Junsu announced the return of “Angel Xiah” by uploading a photo on his personal Twitter account with the caption, “Angel Xiah is here.” In the photo, Junsu is sitting in a clear round chair that is hanging from the ceiling, holding up his legs and striking the “Angel Xiah” pose.


Fellow JYJ member, Jaejoong, responded to Junsu by uploading his own photo on his Twitter, in which he is sitting in the same chair. In comparison to Junsu, Jaejoong strikes a more charismatic pose by wearing dark sunglasses. Jaejoong wrote, “I’m sitting here too.”

JYJ is currently touring in Europe. Their next concert will be in Berlin on November 6.