Han Ji Min’s Pictures from "Padam Padam" Revealed

2011-10-29 08:22:02 2011-10-29 01:22:03

Pictures of actress Han Ji Min from the set of jTBC‘s special drama “Padam Padam” were revealed on Oct. 28.

Han Ji Min is in a forest setting with Ddeng Yi the deer, playing the part of a veterinarian. She is seen giving food to the wild animal. In the scene for the drama, she softly shared a “conversation” with the animal, forgetting about her own troubles.

A PD from the filming scene said, “I can tell she really loves animals. She was so careful to make sure that the animals didn’t get hurt, and she really seemed like a veteranarian. And even though it was her first time with these animals, she didn’t appear scared at all.”

Ddeng Yi’s role in the drama is important too! He brings Jung Woo Sung and Han Ji Min together, linking their fates together. A staff member said, “Ddeng Yi does listen well to us but at times he’s really spontaneous. He makes us laugh a lot.”

You can watch this scene “Padam Padam” soon, in December. Stay tuned!