Lee Yoon Ji’s Thigh Complex

2011-10-29 14:28:53 2011-10-29 07:28:54

On October 27, KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3,” guest Lee Yoon Ji commented on her appearance in the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) where she got praised for her choice of dress but admitted that she was reluctant in revealing her legs due to her insecurity with her thighs.

On the episode, she revealed that “whenever I go to the sauna, I know who my family members are- our lower body form is very distinct.” Furthermore, she said that “Trying to make my legs slimmer was a big struggle for me.” The BIFF was the first time that Yoon Ji revealed her legs, and the reception was very positive. She expressed that “I like the firmness of my thighs but when I look at the pictures they look really wide, like men’s.” This was one of many comments that sparked laughter in the episode.