[Spoilers] Superstar K3- Top Three Remain

2011-10-29 02:46:35 2011-10-28 19:46:35

On October 28, the “Top 4” episode of Mnet’s “Superstar K3” had its contestants pick a song which was originally sung by the three judges on the panel” Lee Seung Chul, Yoon Mi Rae, and Yoon Jong Shin. Unfortunately, after coming down to the wire of Two Months and Christina, it was the latter who was eliminated.

Christina chose Yoon Mi Rae’s “Pay Day” and put up an impressive performance with her dance moves and unique spin to the song. The judges’ average was a high 93, and yet was not enough when pitted against Two Months’ score which caused the powerful vocalist’s elimination. When faced with the result, Christina replied optimistically “Thank you everyone for rooting for me until the very end. I want to think of this as not the end, but the start. I will make sure to live up to people’s expectations.” Yoon Mi Rae was one of many who supported Christina, saying “You won against your struggles through music. I trust you can do the same to others who need help in the same way. Never lose hope.” 

First to appear on stage was Two Months, who sang Yoon Jong Shin’s “Thinking of You” and relayed a calm and emotional atmosphere to the audience. The song’s theme of wanting and waiting for a lost love was well portrayed, yet the judges expressed their regrets about the group not exploiting their full potential with the selected song.

Meanwhile  Busker Busker sang another Yoon Jong Shin song called “Makgeolli” (Korean alcohol made from rice) where they gave off an energetic and refreshing performance. Jang Bum Joon (the main vocalist) pulled off an impressive part of the song where the tempo was unreasonably fast but was able to sing the lyrics to it flawlessly. The group received an outstanding score of 96, the highest score they have gotten from the panel so far and undoubtedly convincing the judges their potential in the competition.

The last to appear was Ooh La La Session, who contrasted Busker Busker’s fresh vibe by choosing a ballad filled with sorrow rather than fun- Lee Seung Chul’s “Southern Sky”, the Original Soundtrack (O.S.T.) for the movie “Blue Swallow.” Again, Ooh La La pulled off another respectable performance with the perfect rendering of the solo and chorus parts both packed with emotion and feeling.