Big Bang November Wallpapers From Lotte Duty Free

2011-10-30 13:40:39 2011-10-30 06:40:41

Big Bang has been associated with Lotte Duty Free for a long time, consistently helping to promote the name. For those who do not know what Lotte Duty Free is, it’s Korea’s largest duty free shop, with a 20 year history and carrying goods from more than 500 companies. Big companies need big names and Big Bang fits that perfectly (pun intended).

Lotte have also been consistent with releasing wallpapers on their website of the group for specific months, something they have been doing as far back as 2009.

 (They look so fresh faced!)

They have just released the November wallpapers. For VIPs who want both Big Bang and a calendar on your desktop, today is your lucky day! Check them out below.

Unfortunately, Daesung is not featured in them. Hopefully next time we see some wallpapers from Lotte, he will be in them. For now, compare these to the 2009 one –they have matured a lot!

Click here for the full size


Click here for the full size