MBLAQ and A Pink to Promote Environment Causes in New Variety Show

2011-10-31 15:13:23 2011-10-31 08:13:24

MBLAQ and A Pink are set to help further pro-environmental causes, particularly endangered animals, through their participation in a new program. The two groups are reported to have been chosen to headline a Saturday variety show that focuses on endangered species.

The program will spotlight lesser known animals that are currently in dismal situations, such as baby crocodiles. By turning attention to endangered creatures, the program aims to create more awareness to environmental issues as a whole. The idols’ participation in this cause is also expected to help boost attention.

The program’s title is yet to be announced. It is planned to air on KBS for one month, with a tentative premiere broadcast planned for November 12. It will replace “Freedom Declaration Saturday – Secret.”