CJ Entertainment Promotes Charity in Honor of "Silenced"

2011-11-01 23:43:14 2011-11-01 16:43:15

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of the victims portrayed in the movie “Silenced” (also known as “The Crucible”)? Timeless Brand is giving you the opportunity to help.

CJ Entertainment has announced the “Break The Silence” charity tee. The tees, which will be available for sale on November 2, “ will aid the hearing impaired children who were directly affected by the actual Inhwa case, as portrayed in Silenced” stated a CJ representative.

They continued by stating that, “This shirt has been uniquely designed by the Timeless Brand team to raise awareness of the crimes that were veiled and for the children who are in need of support.”

All the proceeds received will be donated to the Holder Center. This center will continue to provide shelter, clothes, daily essentials, etc… to the real life victims of the 2006 Inhwa tragedy.

Click here to visit the movie’s official webisite to learn how you can donate.

Credit: Special thanks to Jessie at CJ Entertainment