Han Ye Seul: "It’s Not Easy Living a Glamorous Life"

2011-11-01 15:35:15 2014-05-06 04:23:46

Actress Han Ye Seul talked about living her life as a top actress during a press conference for her new film, “My Penny Pinching Romance (also known as “Many a Little Romance”), which took place at the CGV theaters in Seoul on November 1.

Han Ye Seul remarked, “Just like my character, Na Hong Sil, I like to wear comfortabale clothes and I like being alone. Our personalities are really similar as well. The life of an actress may seem glamorous, but in reality, like Hong Sil, I would like to just wear whatever I want and live my life without having to care about what others think.”

She continued to say, “I think I need to take some time to live as an ordinary person, not an actress. There’s a certain image that people want from me so sometimes, I purposely try to look glamorous. But these days, it wears me out.”

In this movie, Han Ye Seul plays a penny-pinching Na Hong Sil, who is so miserly that she doesn’t go on dates. The character is vulgar and goes through extreme measures, even for a five-cent bottle. 

Han Ye Seul goes on to show affection for her character by saying, “The reason that Hong Sil lives this way is because she received a lot of scars from the world in the past.”

“My Penny Pinching Romance” is a fun and interesting romantic comedy about Na Hong Sil and Chun Ji Woong (played by Song Joong Ki) and will hit the theaters on November 10.