Tablo Releases "Tomorrow" MV feat. Taeyang

2011-11-01 02:26:18 2011-10-31 19:26:19

Tablo‘s music video for “Tomorrow” featuring Big Bang‘s Taeyang has been released. Previously, his music video for “Bad” was released last week on Oct. 23.

Tablo finally makes a comeback with his first solo album, “Fever’s End”. The album includes ten tracks the artist composed, penned, and arranged all by himself during his hardest times he faced in the past two years. Tablo speaks out on love, breakup, family, loneliness, and even growing up from student to “adult” in this long-awaited masterpiece.

While he has had a difficult time the past few years, some believe his hardships may have made him a better artist.

Tablo recently made his comeback on Inkigayo, performing “Tomorrow” and “Bad”. Taeyang did also join in for the live performance of their song. For the first half of the performance, secnes of Taeyang walking in the desert are used.