Teddy Riley Vows to Block Negative Netizens

2011-11-02 03:25:13 2011-11-01 20:25:13

Say what?

After addressing netizens who tweeted him negative comments about SNSD, the producer has decided to “mute” them. It has been a back and forth struggle this year between Wonderfuls and SONEs when it comes to Teddy Riley. With the debut of  SNSD’s “The Boys” and the Wonder Girls impending comeback, recent tweets have only added fuel to the K-Pop storm. The famous music man returned to twitter to send his anti-fans a message.

He stated, “I don’t do this for followers. I do this to communicate with people who want to communicate with me and we have a level of respect for each other. If we can’t have that, I don’t need you as a follower. I have love for everyone but when it comes to disrespect. I don’t have the time to waste, so Victoria I leave to you to mute or make them disappear so I can have communion with my real twitter followers & fam. Thank you, TR.”

He continued, “If my assistant sees a person’s name that we muted through someone else’s ID, that person will get muted as well. Sorry, but I don’t need negativity on my twit view.

Do you think the recent events on Twitter will affect SNSD’s USA debut?