After School Kahi’s Past Photos Revealed

2011-11-03 05:06:34 2011-11-02 22:06:35

After School’s leader Kahi has been garnering attention for past photos from her dancer days.

On a recent online community board, a couple of photos were uploaded with the titles: “Jackpot, After School Kahi Past Photos” and “Kahi’s Shocking Past, Why She Wanted to Hide It!”

In the pictures, Kahi looks very different with her short cut hairstyle. She also does not have the goddess image that she had in the present entertainment industry.

Netizens and fans who saw the pictures responded with diverse reactions: “It doesn’t look like Kahi,” “She looks really different compared to then and now,” “I would believe it if people say it’s another person,” “Is this really Kahi noona?”, “As long as she’s pretty now who cares,” and “It is pretty shocking. Sorry we couldn’t save you.”