Kim Dong Wan Cast in Movie "Yeongasi"

2011-11-03 00:17:15 2011-11-02 17:17:15

Kim Dong Wan is confirmed to join the cast of movie “Yeongasi” along with with Kim Myung Min and former Miss Korea Honey Lee. The movie will be made with a budget of 10 billion Korean won.

Kim Dong Wan was well received and recognized for his outstanding performance in the musical “Hedwig” and MBC’s TV special “The Climax.” Now he will show off his superb acting skills on the big screen.

The movie Yeongasi is a disaster film about the parasite hairworm which develops inside insects and finally leaves their host dead.

Kim Dong Wan will play the role as the detective “Jaepil“, who is also the brother to Kim Myung Min’s character. In the movie,  Kim Dong Wan will find a critical clue related with hairworm and help his brother. Honey Lee will be playing the researcher and fiancee to Jaepil.