Nam Gyuri Garners Attention for Her "Unrealistic" Beauty

2011-11-03 23:47:27 2011-11-03 16:47:28

Actress Nam Gyuri built jealousy amongst netizens for her “unrealistic” beauty.

On a recent online community board, a picture was uploaded with the caption: “Nam Gyuri, are you not a doll pretending to be a human?”

In the picture, the actress is expressionless and holding a red laptop bag. Her appearance looks so unrealistic that she looks like a female character from a 3D game. She also garnered attention for her bold “invisible bottom” (not being able to see the bottom clothing for its extreme shortness) fashion.

Netizens reacted with diverse responses: “I would believe it if someone said the picture was computer graphic,” “Is the red bag an it item?”, and “Reveal your true identity now.”

Nam Gyuri is preparing for the release of the movie, “Mr. Idol.”