Psy Standing Half-Naked Behind G.NA?

2011-11-03 10:25:51 2011-11-03 03:25:52

What’s going on? “Top GirlG.NA has become Psy’s girl?

On November 3, a picture of G.NA and Psy filming for a beer commercial was uploaded onto a portal site message board.

G.NA is wearing a stunning blue dress and looking almost like a mannequin. Psy is wearing a shirt over a fake muscle body suit. For another beer commercial, Psy did a comic parody of “Secret Garden” with Ha Ji Won, but this time around he has a new concept. G.NA tweeted about the commercial, saying only, “I am doing a unique filming with Psy Sunbae (senior).”

Cube Entertainment will hold a concert in Brazil on December 13.


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