Seo In Young’s Mini Album Teaser Photos Revealed

2011-11-03 06:26:23 2011-11-02 23:26:24

Seo In Young has revealed teaser images for her new mini album. On November 2, three photos were revealed on her official homepage. The Chinese characters “Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Joy” would have fit the four pictures perfectly. She posed a variety of expressions that fit this theme.

Her posing style stood out, bringing out her individual personality. For the “Happiness” pose, she smiles in a cute girlish laugh. Her expression in the “Anger” pose is striking, bringing out the negativity in her eyes and eyebrows. For the “Sadness” pose, she closed her eyes, giving off a dark expression. The long hair adds to the mysteriousness of the picture. For the “Joy” pose, she imitated the famous Charlie Chaplin pose in a comical way.

A representative from Star Empire said, “Seo In Young brought up this album’s image not just through her voice, but also through her interesting cuts.” He added, “Just as Charlie Chaplin used his signature gestures and facial expressions to captivate audiences, Seo In Young uses her voice.” 

Currently, Seo In Young has been working on the title song “Oh My Gosh,” along with five other songs, for her new album “Brand New Elly.” It will be released on Nov. 16.