Second Episode of Lee Min Ho’s Toyota Web Series Released

2011-11-04 03:04:01 2011-11-03 20:04:02

The second episode of Lee Min Ho’s “2012 Toyota Camry Web Series” was released today. Starting from where it left off in the first episode, Lee Min Ho traces back his memory using Toyota Camry’s unique Entune system. Lee Min Ho later finds out his twin brother Kwon had escaped from prison and set up the entire plot to get him in an accident. He further discovers Kwon is about to get married to his fiancé Sohee and tries to stop the wedding from taking place.

It’s a complicated storyline, but it continues to deliver the drama. Lee Min Ho drives towards the wedding while talking to Jihyun, who seems to hold the key to everything, and the plot only thickens. Check out the video and the entire web series here!


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