Tablo: “Music Is My Life”

2011-11-04 09:37:54 2011-11-04 02:37:54

On November 3, YG Entertainment’s official blog YG Life revealed a clip of an interview with Tablo. In the interview, he talks about how he made his solo album. Tablo stated, “The only way I can protect those who are precious to me, and make them happy is to do music. When I was making the songs in this album, at first it started as tunes that I made in order to protect myself from all of the complex thoughts and emotions that I had. I didn’t know this kind of album would come out.”

Tablo also talked about each track and explained his feelings and episodes he faced while making the songs.

He talked about “You Are Bad,” saying, “The person that I cherished the most betrayed me. I think it hurts you more when you have that false assumption that people are not bad.”

On October 13, Tablo released his first song “Airbag” then he released part 1 of the solo album, “Fever’s End,” on October 21. The second part of the album was released on November 1, which came with “Tomorrow,” a duet track with Big Bang’s Taeyang.



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