TRAX’s Jungmo Composed the Title Track "Window" for Upcoming Comeback

2011-11-04 16:20:29 2011-11-04 09:20:30

Rock group TRAX just revealed that they will release their third mini-album, “Window” on November 10. The title track is a sad rock ballad of the same name, “Window.”

According to an announcement from SM Entertainment, “Window” is medium-tempo rock ballad that harmonizes a sweet melody and hard sound. It is expected to draw the attention of music fans with the gentle mood of the season. 

“Window” is composed by the member Jungmo who has already shown good composing skills in the previous release “Let You Go” and his project duo M&D‘s “Close Ur Mouth.” “Window” will show TRAX’s deeper sensibility and the color of their music.   

Lyricist Misfit and TRAX collaborated on the words for “Window,” which is used in the song as a metaphor. It represents the emotions and describes feelings of someone who cannot recognize the love that is, in fact, just very close. 

TRAX is currently in the thick of preparations for this mini-album release. Jay, who wraps up his drama “My Bittersweet Life” will likewise be able to devote himself more to this upcoming project.