2AM’s Jinwoon Is the First Idol to Appear on EBS’ "Space Sympathy"

2011-11-05 06:09:02 2011-11-04 23:09:02

EBS, South Korea’s leading educational broadcasting station, produces a show called “Space Sympathy,” which usually hosts indie bands or musicians. It holds a reputation for reserving the stage for lesser-known but quality musicians. So it surprising but great news to hear that 2AM’s Jinwoon will be the first idol to appear on “Space Sympathy.”

Jinwoon, who has just announced the release of his second single as solo rock artist, successfully recorded for “Space Sympathy” on November 3 and the 4. He performed his solo singles as well as rock versions of 2AM’s hit songs.

Producers of “Space Sympathy” stated, “We invited Jinwoon to appear after hearing his solo singles and watching his performance at the “2011 Jisan Valley Rock Festival.”

Jinwoon’s episode of “Space Sympathy” will be broadcasted on EBS on November 22 at 12:05am.

It was reported earlier that Jinwoon would reveal the offical teaser for his new single, “If It’s Not Now” on November 3. But according this his official website, it seems that the date has been pushed to November 7. You can still hear a sample of his the single in this clip from “Jinwoon’s Diary #3”:


For those who are unfamiliar with the “Space Sympathy,” here is a clip of the show when the jazz group Winterplay performed their hit remake, “Quando, Quando, Quando”: