Chinese News Media Stirs Up Korean Actresses Plastic Surgery Rumor Again

2011-11-05 15:24:36 2011-11-05 08:24:37

On November 4, an online Chinese news site reported, “Top Korean Stars like Han Eun Jung, Kim Hee Sun, Go Hyun Jung, and Chae Rim are Plastic Surgery Beauties.”

The article more specifically focused on actress Han Eun Jung (“Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child”). Discussing her latest appearance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, the author wrote, “There is a subtle difference in her appearance” and “If you compare her to her ‘Full House’ days, she looks like she got double-eyelid surgery.” The author continued, “Her bloated eyes make her look like Garfield.”

The article also discussed other actresses such as Chae Rim (“Oh My Lady”), stating, “She used to look sweet before but lately, she looks stiff.” Also writing about Jun Ji Hyun (“A Man Who Was Superman”), the article pointed out, “She’s known as a natural beauty but the beauty mark that is currently there at the end of her nose wasn’t there when she was child.”

This isn’t the first time that plastic surgery rumors and accusations toward Korean celebrities have appeared in the Chinese media. They also appear in other countries where Korean celebrities are well known. Rumors also arise within South Korea as well. Whether the rumors are true or fals, it seems like this is a topic that never grows old.



Actress Chae Rim


Actress Jun Ji Hyun