T-ara Soyeon’s High School Photos Revealed

2011-11-05 19:09:25 2011-11-05 12:09:25

Girl group T-ara member, Soyeon, is garnering attention for her revealed high school photos.

A couple of Soyeon’s past photos were uploaded recently on an online community board with the title: “T-ara Soyeon, Her High School Past.”

The revealed pictures show her multiple charms through selcas, graduation and field trip pictures. In the selca, Soyeon portrays her big eyes and white skin—proving that she was a shining beauty even in her student days.

Her graduation and field trip pictures verify her never changing beauty from the past to now.

Netizens and fans who saw the photos reacted with diverse responses: “She can pull off the straight bangs well,” “She looks the same as now,” and “She was probably popular as the ‘pretty girl’ when she went to school.”

In the meanwhile T-ara is preparing for their next comeback with their new album “Black Eyes.”