2AM’s Jinwoon Releases First Teaser to "If It’s Not Now"

2011-11-07 12:19:16 2011-11-07 04:19:16

2AM’s Jinwoon unveils the first video teaser to his follow-up solo single, “If It’s Not Now.” As earlier announced, the youngest member of the ballad quartet is slowly charting his own path as a rock artist.

“If It’s Not Now” builds on the rock-infused ballads of Jinwoon’s two-track solo mini-album, “You Walking Toward Me” released in August. In addition to 10-second video of a series of Jinwoon’s shots, Jinwoon also announces a free download event on his official website for another one of his tracks, “Psycho,” available on November 8.

Jinwoon’s new single, “If It’s Not Now” will be released on November 17. His career as a solo rock artist is also receiving attention, as he is the first idol to appear on the education broadcast station EBS“Space Sympathy” program.

Meanwhile, he, along with the other members of 2AM are currently in the thick of preparations for their Japan debut.