Daesung’s TV Drama “What’s Up” Reveals Shorter Teaser Video

2011-11-08 09:51:28 2014-05-05 22:55:31

After teasing us with an official teaser video of “What’s Up” last month, MBN has revealed another teaser of Daesung’s comeback TV drama series today. In this 55 second clip, which is a more condensed version of what we saw last month, Daesung’s vocals fill the background music as he frequently appears as one of the main characters. One of the most interesting lines we hear in this clip is when the lady in a white coat asks Daesung if he doesn’t want to become famous, and he replies, “I don’t ever want to.”

As reported earlier, filming for “What’s Up” was finished in February. Although it’s not technically Daesung’s comeback show, “What’s Up” is gaining massive attention since it will be his first return to TV. The show, to be shown on cable channel MBN, is about theater major students chasing their dreams of one day becoming musical stars.

Daesung’s official comeback stage will be at the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert” on December 3 and 4. Enjoy the teaser!