Tablo Releases "Fever’s End" Commentary Film, Subtitled in English

2011-11-08 22:55:10 2011-11-08 14:55:10

Tablo has released the English subtitled version of his “Fever’s End” Commentary Film. In this video he talks about the various songs from his album, their creation process and their meanings. Previously, a non-subtitled version was released last week. 

Out of the songs on his new album, “Home” was the most painstakingly and easily created work. Tablo said, “I didn’t really have to write anything down. The lines were already in my head because the emotions involved were ingrained in my everyday thoughts.”

Later on, he said that the song “Try” was the hardest to compose and record because it was too close to his heart. This was the song dedicated to his wife and daughter.

Another interesting thing to note is that he wanted to collaborate on a song with Taeyang long before he signed with YG Entertainment.