Who Wore It Better: Lee Seung Gi vs. Lee Gi Kwang

2011-11-08 12:19:27 2011-11-08 04:19:28

Young male celebrities have been at the center of attention on various TV programs recently.

Singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi, receives love from a lot of older fans as the host of SBS “Strong Heart,” while idol group BEAST member Lee Gi Kwang, continues to build his own fandom through KBS “Win Win.” The two celebrities recently garnered attention from netizens for wearing the same outfit.

Lee Seung Gi showed off his tough but cute charm while Lee Gi Kwang displayed his dandy fashion style with a checkered jacket designed by John Galliano.

Lee Seung Gi wore his checkered jacket opened, which made it easier for him to make gestures or reactions during the talk show. He seemed to pull off a more relaxed look by wearing a gray t-shirt instead of a brown colored one—a shade that would have matched the jacket more and finished the overall look with a neater image.

Lee Gi Kwang, on the other hand, wore the jacket with basic black pants and accessorized it with a stylish watch. The singer folded his sleeves and completed his masculine look by styling his hair straight, as opposed to Lee Seung Gi’s permed hair.

So who’s your pick – Lee Seung Gi or Lee Gi Kwang?