IU Sends Good Luck Rice Cake Gifts to Her High School

2011-11-09 22:53:00 2011-11-09 14:53:00

Singer IU gave out rice cake gifts to her fellow classmates at her high school, wishing them good luck on their college entrance exams. On November 9, third-year students of Dong Duk All-Girls High School took pictures of IU’s rice cake, posting them on different online communities and social networking sites.

The gift set contains three different kinds of rice cakes. This wasn’t the first time IU gave out gifts to her classmates. When she won the number one spot in one of the music programs, she also sent out shik hye (Korean traditional drink) and rice cakes to the second-year students and the teachers, sharing her happiness with her school.

Many of the students said “IU sent out rice cakes wishing us good luck for the college entrance exam. I feel like I ate it for the three years I spent with her,” “IU gave the third-year students rice cakes! I’ll get the best grades from the energy you gave,” “IU gave out rice cakes. Thank you!” and more.

The netizens who came across this story said, “There’s no other celebrity like IU. Her thoughts towards her friends are very treasurable,” “You made such a good friend! You should be proud,” “IU’s fellow classmates must eat a lot of rice cake from her haha.”