Wonder Girls Clog Up Streets of Hongdae

2011-11-09 05:18:42 2011-11-08 21:18:43

The appearance of Wonder Girls at Hongdae completely immobilized the streets.

Several photos were uploaded on an online community site on November 9 that showed the Wonder Girls on the streets of Hongdae. 

In the pictures, you can see the happy faces of the Wonder Girls as they got to spend some time with their Korean fans for the first time in a while. The incredible amount of people that turned up at Hongdae solidified the Wonder Girls’ popularity. 

The Wonder Girls were in the area to film for a corner called “Guerilla Date” for KBS “Entertainment Weekly.” 

Netizens who took a look at these photos commented, “As expected, the Wonder Girls’ popularity is amazing,” “It’s so great to see them – it’s been so long! Why wasn’t I at Hongdae at that time…” “Everyone who was at Hongdae yesterday is so lucky,” and so on.

The Wonder Girls will have their first comeback stage at “Music Bank” on November 11 for the first time in a year and a half.