Jessica: "Hyoyeon is the Most Popular SNSD Member in the U.S."

2011-11-10 00:17:00 2011-11-09 16:17:00

Jessica, one of the main vocals of the Korean pop sensation, SNSD, chose Hyoyeon as the most popular SNSD member in the United States.

The MBC show “Golden Fishery-Radio Star” that was aired on November 9 had a musical star special with guest stars Park Hae Mi, Im Tae Kyung, and Jessica, Taeyeon and Tiffany of SNSD.

When asked the question, “Isn’t there a Korean style and a New York City style? Who is the most popular member in the United States?” Jessica’s choice was Hyoyeon.

Kim Gu Ra chatted playfully, “Hyoyeon has had difficult times so far.” Jessica responded by explaining her thoughts on Hyoyeon’s popularity, “Hyoyeon dances while she cheers people on, and if you have ever seen her dance, she really knows how to bring it on the dance floor. I think that her dancing skills really help her communicate with the fans.”

On the other hand, Taeyeon picked Sooyoung as the most popular member of SNSD.