Big Bang and Katy Perry Take a Picture Together

2011-11-10 01:46:03 2011-11-09 17:46:04

The meeting between world pop star Katy Perry and the idol group Big Bang is drawing attention. On November 8, a picture of Big Bang and Katy Perry was posted on an internet community website.

Katy Perry and the members of Big Bang are smiling widely in the picture. However, everyone in the picture except for Taeyang and Katy Perry are all posing and staring in different directions which drew out laughter out of the viewers.

The photo was taken on November 6 (GMT) at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards held in Northern Ireland’s Belfast. Big Bang and Katy Perry had taken the picture in the waiting room as a memento of their meeting.

Netizens who viewed the photo have shown various responses such as “How does it feel to have met a pop star? They are all laughing, but wouldn’t they have been very nervous?” and “A round of applause for Big Bang for their award!” and “It is nice to see Daesung smiling after his long absence.”

Big Bang was the first Korean act to receive the Best Worldwide Act award at the MTV Music Awards.