Big Bang’s Japanese "Best of" Album Release Postponed

2011-11-10 23:02:51 2011-11-10 15:02:52

Not long ago Soompi reported that Universal J intended on releasing a compilation album entitled, “The Best of Big Bang”. Fans can now expect to see the album hit store shelves in Japan on December 14.

While the original release scheduled for “The Best of Big Bang” was for late November, Universal J has only pushed back the album’s date by a few weeks.

Back in September, a poll was conducted in Japan asking, “Which Korean song do you want to hear in Japanese?” Big Bang’s 2008 hit, “Haru Haru” claimed the top spot with 9,000 votes. The group pulled in big numbers for the song as they received 90% of all votes. “The Best of Big Bang” will see the debut of the Japanese version of the group’s hit track.

It is believed that due to the popularity of the survey, the group decided to release the greatest hits album for fans. In response to the results of the survey, leader G-Dragon had this to say, “This is a very special album, which was created for our Japanese fans. So we gathered all of the songs that, specifically, our Japanese fans wanted to hear. We have put a lot of hard work into this album to please our devoted fans.”

The release of “Haru Haru” will mark the first time in months that all five members have recorded together. This song will be the first time Daesung’s vocals will be heard by the public, live or recorded, since his duties as a celebrity had been put on hold.

Does this possibly signify an unofficial comeback back by the quintet? Or perhaps does this open up the possibility of an official comeback for the group in the not too distant future?  Here’s hoping, though only time will tell for sure.