Jay Park: “I Had No Plans of Becoming a Singer”

2011-11-10 10:30:18 2011-11-10 02:30:18

Jay Park revealed that he never really thought of becoming a singer until his mother convinced him to do so. The star singer/rapper appeared on the upcoming episode of tvN “Talk Show Taxi” and shared some thoughts on his career from the trainee years and 2PM days to his successful return as a solo artist.

Despite being a huge fan of dance and rap, he said he had no plans of becoming a singer and the only reason he applied for the singing audition was because of his mother’s insistence to try out one day.

“The biggest reason I’ve become a singer now is because of my mother. My family was the engine that pushed me through the rough three-year trainee period in Korea. If I had given up everything and went back to the States, I would have felt ashamed of myself – and wouldn’t have been able to face my mother ever again,” Jay Park said on the show.

Meanwhile, on tonight’s show, Jay Park is reported to have answered some tough questions such as, “Do you have a girl friend now?” and “Are you willing to date someone in public?” Jay Park’s taxi interview will air at midnight on November 10.