SISTAR’s Dasom Takes the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test

2011-11-10 03:17:04 2014-05-08 03:21:14

The youngest member of SISTAR, Dasom (Age: 19) is taking on the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test (Suneung) with a nervous heart. Dasom gave her thoughts on taking the test. She stated, “I didn’t get to study a lot but I did it on a regular basis, the smartphone application about the test also helped a lot.”

When asked what major she wanted to apply to, Dasom answered, “I want to major in acting/film. Instead of applying on a rolling basis, I wanted to apply through regular admissions. Although I am very nervous I hope that I will have a good result.”

She continued, “The other members gave me a lot of strength through their support. After the test I will go find places that I can get discounts once I show my application receipt. I will try my best for this test.”

Dasom just returned to South Korea on November 9 after a Chinese concert. Dasom took the test even after going through her busy schedule and recording. Despite her busy schedule, she still went to the test area with composure.

Besides Dasom, Kara’s Kang Ji Young, Boyfriend’s Hyun Sung, B1A4’s Gong Chan, and C-Real’s Kay Mi, Double A’s Ho Ik and Kimchi all took the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test.