Jeon Ji Hyun’s Safari Look for Guess Korea

2011-11-11 00:11:53 2011-11-10 16:11:54

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun is garnering attention for her “Guess Korea” safari themed photo shoot.

The actress is flaunting this season’s concept of safari look items. She showed off her sexy charm by wearing a wild colored and leopard print suede jacket. A simple, yet sexy pair of jeans was worn for every outfit to focus more on the outerwear and top fashion.

She also wore a khaki down jacket—a must have for a safari look—with a knit hat and ankle booties to portray casual fashion.

In another shot, Jeon Ji Hyun wore beige colored down jacket layered with leopard knit to display a feminine safari look.

For a closer look on Jeon Ji Hyun’s stylish fashion, visit “Guess Korea’s” website.