Superstar K3 Ratings Drop for Finale

2011-11-13 01:34:47 2011-11-12 17:34:48

Four man group Ulala Session claimed the winning spot on Mnet’s “Superstar K3” finale, with the final episode recording an average of 13.94% in viewers, making it the most watched show of the week. Also, at the climax of the episode, where Ooh La La Session and Busker Busker were on the stage awaiting their fates, a very high viewing percentage of 16.26% was recorded.

Right before the winner was announced, the MC said that “Music is not a competition. Rather, it’s a medium for the expression of ideas and love.” And with that note, declared Ulala Session as the winners of Superstar K3.

The average viewing record of the episode was 1.027% higher than last week’s one, and yet what was surprising was the fact that when comparing the total averages of viewers of Superstar K3 to Superstar K2, the latter was higher by 3.0%. With this season’s average totaling 18.1% and last season 21.1%, a certain confusion arises since there is no doubt that Superstar K3 performed impressively in both captivating the audience and making them stay in their seats, as evidenced by their weekly averages.

The main reason for this difference seems to be that the finale of Superstar K3 lacked a certain energy and suspense that was in its predecessor. Whereas Superstar K2 had two finalists, Huh Gak and John Park, whose talents matched one another’s equally so as to determining the winner difficult and making the audience watching until the very end. Viewers of Superstar K3 already had a firm sense of who the winner would be between Ulala Session and Busker Busker. In all, there was more uncertainty in last season’s episode and therefore making viewers more interested in watching the ending, rather than saying the all too familiar phrase “Ehh, I know what’s going to happen” and flicking to another channel.

Here are the final performances of Busker Busker and Ulala Session. Congratulations to Ulala Session!