Wonder Girls’ Sohee Chooses Teen Top as One Junior Group She Watches Closely

2011-11-13 13:27:22 2011-11-13 05:27:22

Wonder Girls member Sohee chose Teen Top as one of the hoobae (junior) idol groups she has interest in.

Wonder Girls appeared on SBS Power FM “Boom’s Young Street” to discuss their new album and life in America.

When Boom asked Sohee, “Do you have any male hoobae you are watching closely?”  the young singer answered with Teen Top. She also said, “I think Teen Top’s performances are amazing; their moves are always in sync.” Sunye added, “Our choreographer also likes Teen Top.” miss A once revealed that they are watching the idol group as well.

Listeners responded with comments: “Teen Top is receiving love from the JYP girl groups,” “I cannot believe Sohee is already the age to be a sunbae (senior),” and “What a lucky group Teen Top is!”