Final Verdict Out for MC Mong’s Military Evasion Charges

2011-11-16 19:54:58 2014-05-07 00:32:10

The final hearing for MC Mong’s military evasion charges was held on November 16 at the Seoul Central Court. The final verdict remained the same as the initial sentence of six months in jail, one year probation, and 120 hours of public service.

“Just based on the prosecutors’ evidence, it’s hard to prove that MC Mong intentionally extracted his teeth to avoid serving the military,” the lead judge said in a statement. MC Mong was charged for intentionally taking out some of his teeth to disqualify for military service.

“But MC Mong’s repeated trips overseas and exams for a federal employee position could be interpreted as ways of deliberately delaying his enlistment…This is not a light crime and he deserves heavier penalty, but considering he’s a first-time offender, we decided to keep the ruling as the same,” the court said.

After the ruling, MC Mong didn’t speak to the press but only repeated, “I’m Sorry,” as he left in the car that was waiting for him. Hours later, MC Mong apologized to the public through his Twitter page with the following message:

“I’m sorry for causing so much trouble over the past year with articles about me you probably didn’t want to see. What else could I possibly say? I’m sorry and sorry again. I’m stupid, silly, and slow. What could I really tell you? I caused all this trouble, so I’ll be responsible for it for the rest of my life. It may hurt but it’s still my fault. I won’t blame anyone. And it was my fault for only trying to prove what was wrong. I have so many things to say, but how could I possibly say anything? Everything is my fault. All the love you gave me, it was more than I could ever ask for and it was like heaven. But I did my absolute best on the stage singing or on TV trying to deliver much laughter for the public. I used to love meeting people, but now I can’t even make eye contact. It was truly a blessing in the past when you showed me so much love. Now, I will work for underprivileged people and happily live a new life. I truly, truly feel sorry. I apologize for everything.”