Wonder Girls Explain HyunA and Sunmi’s Withdrawal, Thanks Teddy Riley, and Sends Heechul Video Message

2011-11-17 12:45:34 2011-11-17 04:45:35

The Wonder Girls had an honest conversation with the show hosts of MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” on November 16. They responded to a lot of tough questions although it was a comedy show.

One of the questions thrown at them was “Why do Wonder Girls members change so often?” The hosts mentioned 4minute’s HyunA and Sunmi’s names and asked why they first asked to be withdrawn from the group.

“We’re still a group actively promoting, so it’s hard to explain everything in detail. But I believe it was the best option for everyone and it was the right decision for each of their careers,” Sunye said.

The hosts asked Sohee if it was more difficult for her since she’s the same age as HyunA and Sunmi. “Because we’re all the same age, it did feel sad a bit. But just because they withdrew from the group, it doesn’t mean we won’t see each other forever. Actually, we still keep in touch with other a lot and talk more often now,” Sohee said.

4minute’s HyunA was the original member of Wonder Girls but withdrew from the group in 2007. Sunmi dropped out of the group in 2010 and has been focusing on her academic career, majoring in theater at Dongguk University.

The MCs moved on to the next question raising the topic of Teddy Riley and his recent Twitter message that said “Wondergirls are flops.”

Sunye answered, “I saw the article. But we were actually surprised to learn he knew us…Hi Teddy!” Kim Gura followed up by asking, “Teddy Riley recently worked with SNSD. Do you think it was his way of being defensive?”

Sohee added, “Actually, we took it positively. We were really busy working on our new album back then and all we thought of was promoting our new album as much as possible.”

Later in the show, the MC Kim Gook Jin showed an interesting text message from Super Junior’s Heechul. The text read, “If Kim Gura makes our Sohee feel uncomfortable, I’ll curse him for the rest of my life.”

The show’s host went on to explain how much Heechul cared for Sohee, as her photo was seen on Heechul’s shelf in army, and asked her to send a video message in English, which brought out this special shout out from Sohee: “Hi, I’m Sohee! Thank you for talking about me all the time. Thank you!”

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