Lim Yoon Tek Picks Two Months’ Kim Ye Rim as Ideal Girlfriend

2011-11-22 02:59:16 2011-11-21 18:59:16

Ulala Session‘s leader Lim Yoon Tek declared he would like to have Two Months’ Kim Ye Rim as a girlfriend. 

During the shooting of the Mnet Show “MUST,” where Ulala Session, Two Months and Kim Do Hyun participated, Lim Yoon Tek expressed his interest in Ye Rim. The male guests were asked, “If Kim Ye Rim asks you to be her boyfriend what would you answer?” and every guest answered “No” except Lim Yoon Tek who said “Yes.”

He also said, “I like a girl who has an angelical style. Kim Ye Rim does. She likes dressing herself up and she cares about her appearance. I know I am 14 years older then her, but if she said that age difference is not a problem, I think she is very attractive.” 

Kim Ye Rim answered “Thank you. I think Yoon Tek is very cool, he is fashionable and he always takes care of his younger friends.”

The news provoked a strong response from the netizens who are divided into two opinions, such as: “No way! Even Lim Yoon Tek showed interest on Kim Ye Rim!? How many people got already infatuated with her. Ok, she has been called ‘mermaid’ but this is too much” and “Kim Ye Rim, she is really a mermaid. After Busker Busker’s Jang Bum Joon even Lim Yoon Tek declared he got some interest in her. Is this a triangle?”

This episode of “MUST” airs on November 22.